2. Business History

Business History

1971 Born out of a dream drawn by 2 Americans, Arthur Barrett and Marsh Fisher, for the world’s largest real estate network.
That was the beginning of CENTURY 21.
1971 The Franchise network was launched with only 17 offices in the U.S.
In the next 3 years, the number of offices increased to 1,000.
1975 It grew to become the No.1 real estate network.
It was the start of a new history of the American dream.
1983 ITOCHU Corporation partnered with CENTURY 21.
July in 1984 The first 12 franchise offices in the Tokyo Metropolitan area were opened at the same time.
1986 Number of offices exceeded 100.
The first Japan Convention was held.
1988 Number of offices surpassed 200.
1990 Expanded to the Kansai region to become Japan's largest real estate network.  The novel concept was accepted by the Kansai real estate industry, which is said to have a strong regional nature, and steadily increased the number of offices.  Successfully competed with major real estate companies, to become the No.1 real estate network in the Kansai region as well.
1999 Expanded to Chubu region.
We advocated a "Customer First Declaration" as a corporate slogan to respond to the trust of more customers.
2000 Number of offices exceeded 400.
Contracted with Kane Kosugi to become the brand’s image character.
2001 Built an extranet called "21Net" within the group.
On Nov. 21st listed on the JASDAQ. stock exchange.
2002 Expanded to Kyushu region.
Taken a further step toward securing the No. 1 real estate network status in Japan.
2005 Number of offices surpassed 600.
2008 Number of offices grew to 800.
2011 The current canine mascot called Centuriwan-Kun was born.
2012 Expanded to Hokkaido and completed the expansion throughout Japan.
Started a new service called Reborn 21, which is used for remodeling and renovating existing homes.
2013 Launched the CENTURY 21 Global Site.
2014 The CENTURY 21 Customer Service Grand Prix was initiated.
The CENTURY 21 Ladies Golf Tournament was started.
2016 Number of offices climbed over 900.
2017 Established FC Consulting Dept.
Started a new service called AI Torikomi-kun, which uses Artificial Intelligence to assist agent input listing data from paper sources.
2018 Released the new Visual Identity.
Engaged Rikka Ihara as the first CENTURY21 Girl.
Started a new leaseback service called “Uttemo-Sumerunda-Wan”.
2019 Started a new service called Reform Simulator 21, which is used for assisting agent to make existing homes remodeling proposals to a client.
Launched 35th anniversary promotion campaign.
2020 Launched Real Estate Channel on YouTube to provide recruiting support.
2021 Engaged Ami Inamura as the second CENTURY21 Girl.
Adopted Crayon Shin-chan, a manga character popular among Japanese families, as new official mascot.
Started a new service called "Senior Smile 21" to introduce housing for the elderly.
2022 Listed on the Standard Market due to the market reorganization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Launched an online contracting system built by Nihon Jyoho Create Co., Ltd.
2023 Number of offices exceeded 1,000